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Staying at the regency for not even three months and a female with a master key card tried to enter the premises among other employees trying to enter. I feel unsafe even a dead bolt doesn't help.

I pay $650 a month for a room the size of a jail cell. It is ridiculous. It is uncleanly, run down, and they do shoddy repair.

I have numerous time smelled marijuana in the hall way and seen dirty panties strewn about. They didn't even fix my water that was running so cold it took forty five minutes to heat up.

Monetary Loss: $7800.

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When is the cancelation date for the contract, I keep trying to get out of it because it cost a lot for a small run down place ???

Denver, Colorado, United States #850625

Dearest Unhappy Anonymous Resident,

There are some comments in your complaint that we can only help you with if you travel through the proper channels and put in a maintenance request. I do apologize about the water situation and ask that you be patient as the building is old but if you put in a request and label it as high priority we will attend to it within the hour.

As far as the undergarments and smell of marijuana I can only say that your peers can be held accountable for both of those and my RA, ARD and RD staff can only do so much before they lose their foothold and power. Although I would love to say our system is perfect it is not, here at the Regency we strive for community, students success, and safety.

If you have any recommendations on how to improve please come by my office anytime.


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