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The Regency is a student housing community and we take the safety and security of our residents seriously. As such we do criminal background checks on all potential residents and it is clearly stated in two sections on our application. If you feel you were treated unfairly please contact us directly.
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I am disappointed that I found out a felony is an automatic disqualification to live in the Regency dorm. People may be surprised how common it is for a person to have a felony. The statistics in the US are staggering. I am glad that I found out from the housing office before I sent in the application fee, and wonder how may people get caught in what many would call a scam. The application fee is non refundable no matter the circumstances. No where does the application or website say do not bother to apply if you have a felony. It seems that the Regency will take your money and then say sorry.

I am disapponted because I believe the downtown colleges and support services should be helping those who are willing to turn thier life around rather than throwing up additional barriers.

I was also told that even if no rooms were available at the time the application is processed, the Regency will still keep your application fee. This just is not right to take money for a service that cannot be provided and I am still unsure how you assure that you are not throwing your application fee away when applying to the Regency. It seems that the consumer is expected to have blind faith, and and little regard for risk, or little regard for the value of 175 dollars.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Policies.

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