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It is unfortunate that you feel this way, but because of the anonymous nature of this comment we don’t have any way to address comments or concerns. As for police matters, we always recommend residents call the police directly. If you would like to discuss this further please contact us directly.
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Whatever you do...DO NOT SIGN A LEASE WITH THE REGENCY NOR THE VILLAS. The management here is HORRIBLE. They make people our age or even younger "RA'S" who literally walk into your rooms or apartments whenever they want.

They try to RIP You off IN EVERY SINGLE WAY POSSIBLE. The bowling ally is almost NEVER open. The gym equipment is all broken or about to. The swimming pool is disgusting as well the SUPER UNHEALTHY food. Not to mention the OVER PRICED store that they make you get credit with at least 500$ worth...WHO WANTS TO PAY 8$ gallon expired milk?

There are so many drug dealers living here. From *** to cocaine and ecstasy. People here literally drink EVERY SINGLE DAY. I'm not over exaggerating one bit. They will literally drink from morning till they pass out. I was kept up MANY MANY times by the loud music and annoying drunk people always outside. There are always fights, someone literally got stabbed last semester.

Someone threw a rock at my window trying to hit the one above me and now they're trying to charge me soooo much money for that, although I QUICKLY called the front desk and made a report...why would I want to break my own window..... that doesn't make sense now they're saying they don't have that on file so literally want me to pay over 3 grand. Which I will be talking to a lawyer about.

The shuttle is always late, and it's literally the most unsafe situation ever. There are people packed in there like you can't imagine and the drivers aren't very safe for that matter.

I've been trying to contact them about the 3grand that I supposedly owe for about two weeks in a row and I haven't gotten a single e-mail much less a phone call.. BUT they do keep trying to contact my co-signer which makes zero sense, since they won't explain where that amount is coming from. Now credit scores are being damaged all because of how irresponsible they are. I'm personally getting a lawyer, and I suggest anyone who is trying to deal with them does too.

NOT WHAT I EXPECTED AND WILL NEVER ENCOURAGE ANYONE TO LIVE THERE EVER AGAIN. BTW I'm not the only person who feels this way, why do you guys think people only last one lease and want to move away instantly? If it was so perfect and beneficial as they say, that wouldn't be the case...........DON'T DO IT.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I go to the bowling alley every thursday and it's open tuesdays too. My entire floor signed up to stay for next year basically, so idk what your talking about.


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