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As part of our capital improvement projects we have been undertaking renovations including resurfacing of the parking lot, remodeling of rooms and bathrooms just to name a few. We have received great feedback on the renovations and plan to continue them into the future.
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Owners recently sent residences a 'brag' on their $3m lawsuit against a competing student housing unit (public knowledge), while not providing adequate security and maintenance. Using a staff of ill-trained students in exchange for rent.

Broken bottles, cigarette butts, beer cans, vomit, littering the exterior. Parking lot surface an insult! 2/15 a gang of 60ish high-schooler's invaded, w/knives and fought. Entry gate 'broken' for several months.

Security staff and camera's long promised. Coke dealer cruising the lot. Oct.

a 27 year old man broke into a personal unit spat on, sucker-punched an injured/helpless kid. (*crime reports public knowledge)

Stop the madness!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Fix this!.

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It is a dump, and it is getting worse!

That security gate is open more often then not.

You know that there is a crack hotel just outside the gate?


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