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We appreciate your feedback! We are happy to hear that your experience has been good. Thank you for your review!

I've been living at the regency for a few months now, and all I can say is I'm lovin' it!! The staff has been great, they are really helpful and keep coming up with new and fun activities for us.

The food in the dining hall is better than I expected, it's not a five star restaurant, but it's way better than my cooking, not to mention a lot cheaper than eating out.

With all the amenities available my friends and I have never had a dull night. Between the game room, amphitheatre, computer lab and basketball courts/fitness room we always have something to keep us busy and entertained.

My room is great, and only having to share the bathroom with one other person, my roommate, is awesome. And we were able to decorate our room the way we wanted, and it really helps make it feel like home.

The Regency is letting me truely live a college life and get all the experiences and memories I imagined I would.

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Clearly a fake review by staff!

(gotta love the way they always mention the 'amenities')

Can you say...transparent!!!?


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