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Customer service is our top priority and we don’t want anyone to be unhappy with the experience they had while living with us. Please contact us to provide details so we can try to resolve the problem.

All the complaints you have read are true and more.The Regency will take advantage of you in every possible way, using their bullet-proof lease contract. It will leave you feeling helpless.

Beware the hidden agenda that lies within this lengthly contract. The staff including Lee Ann, Gaby Sosa, and Torry, the General Manager are rude and arrogant, uncompromising, and they lie. The Regency gets away with these business practices because we let them. They will charge you with violations you can't prove and late fees that are over the top.

If anyone else feel this way, I would like expose this place for what it is. Respond to

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I would also know how to fight them. Seems like because you signed the very long contract there is no way out!!!

Parent beware!!

Read the fine print. That is all the court looks at!


How do we get a group together to fight them ?


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