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Living at the Regency has been a great experience. When deciding where to attend college I looked at many different schools and dorms and must say the Regency is a great choice.

The Regency has many luxuries that make it more like living in an apartment than in a dorm. My favorite would have to be the swimming pool. None of the other dorms I visited when looking at schools had pools in them! I also love the fact that there is a convenience store located in the building, as well as a huge gym. Its almost like a one stop shop for all of your needs.

They do require you to have a meal plan there which not everyone likes, but this is something that is required at all dorms in all schools so it shouldn't come as a surprise.

I chose the Regency because it was a chance to get a "college dorm" experience while being able to attend school and have access to downtown Denver at the same time. Its like having the best of both worlds. I would definitely recommend it to students planning to move out for the first time. It is much easier and more convenient than moving into an apartment while attending school.

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Clearly a fake review by staff!

Denver, Colorado, United States #673840

The Regency is awful. I have had many friends who had bad experiences there (I avoided most of the negative thank God) such as having the management try to charge them more than initially agreed upon, or having them go into your room and move all your stuff while you're not there, or even remove things from your room without your knowledge or consent.

Yes all this complains that people said is true special when the regency wants to charge u with the late fees and try to find u galty if something happen with the room or any other thing they find they will try to get ur money another thing u should ask sbout the menu for the buffet they have because on weekends the food is really bad and they dont open all year around so if u. Stay for the summer u will have to buy ur own food and they dont open the pool until may almost when its time finish the contract and most student leave so u really cant use it.

And for the parent be aware that they let the kids smoke and drink. U can always smell those hallways to mariguana even if they say u cant they wont say nothing and later charge u so the can get money.

This is not a good place for a good student check vey good before u sing!!!!!! :eek

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