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Customer service is our top priority and we don’t want anyone to be unhappy with the experience they had while living with us. Please contact us to provide details so we can try to resolve the problem.

I live here now and for the two months here i recommend no one to be here !!!!! Me and 6 other residents are planning to dip on this dumb hole asap when our lease is up!!!

They trap you in fines and weird complaints ! I purposely leave my tv on and go to the Villas for a few hours and come back and the tv is off ! I live ALONE dont invade my *** and think its okay because i will blow up on the staff ! Which i may do tomorrow morning !!

They use us for money when we struggle as it is in School !! Like really we cant afford books but you want us to afford a fine for something we never did ! I cant stress enough how ignorant and rude staff is ! That *** Leset That *** boy Garrett and Zach ...

I just pretty much got played for my first year in college !

Lesson Learned dont waste your time and fall in debt .... Ohhh and i personally think they want us to shake our *** and sell our stuff sooo we can pay rent!!!

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