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This place is so corrupt and awful it would be hard to convey everything here. I will mention the big stuff:

When our son wanted to go to CU Denver, we eventually found Regency at the Villas thinking it was a fairly manageable price and situation for him.

What we didn't know was that we would then be treated completely unprofessionally, experience corruption, lies, thieving, misrepresentation, hear all kinds of horror stories about other students' experiences. Upon move in, the place was filthy. The toilets were soiled and had "hairs" on them. Try talking to someone?

Anyone? Yes, you can talk to some student the so called managers have put in charge. That's like just screaming lost in a canyon somewhere. Totally futile.

"RA's" are allowed to storm into rooms when they please if a new roommate is coming in and my son had personal items missing immediately after. Talk to someone? Sure, another one of the clueless students put in charge. My son made a police report after nearly $10,000.

Was then spent on his credit card soon after the RA visit. (Still under investigation.)

If you want your student to receive their mail, better register and or track with a signed receipt or chances are he/she will never get it.

Even then it can be a fight to get it from them. Bottom line, this place should have a class action lawsuit filed against them and have the living *** sued out of them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Regency Student Housing Villas At The Regency Apartment Rental.

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