Regency Student Housing - Awful wifi connection

The wifi in the North hall is awful, It says I am connected but doesnt load anything. My laptop needed to be loaded again every 15 minutes on netflix to load things and I am worried about how I will do schoolwork with this wifi.

Regency Student Housing Wi-fi Facility
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Resolved: Regency Student Housing - Get it together Regency

Hello Chandler,
Thank you for letting us know about the issues you are experiencing with your WiFi. Our staff installed a new wireless router that has been tested and you should no longer be having a problem connecting to the internet. In the future you will get a faster response using the Maintenance Request form through your student portal. The Maintenance Requests are emailed to staff in real time.
If you have any further issues please let us know.
Thank you,
Regency Management
Regency Student Housing Wi-fi Facility

I am just absolutely so annoyed with the Regency right now. Does the Regency just not believe in wifi?

I have a single, in the North Hall and have been here since August. I had a friend who lived in the tower last year, and had a terrible time with the wifi as well. I spent my first semester having to keep my phone off while I used my computer or my tv because if too many devices were on, the wifi would drop. I could be just be trying to do my homework, which normally would take about 2-3 hours that turned into multiple HOURS of trying to get the wifi to connect.

Most of my school work is online, and there were many times where I would submit my work, and end up with zero's from my professors because the wifi would drop every time I tried to submit a paper or even just a simple assignment. I cant even watch my tv at night because there is NO CONNECTION EVER. It is really really frustrating being in college, in the dorms and you cant even live normally. I am aware that there are many other students besides me, which can make the connection slower, but there is no excuse when I have to spend hours more than I need out of my day to deal with this.

I submitted a review in the middle of the semester with my number attached and received a call from Wayne at the front, stating that they had just updated the wifi around the Regency; which made zero sense to me because I continued to have issues. He THEN thought it would be appropriate to tell me that I should go out and buy my own router. I actually thought he was kidding. Do you think as a college student, I would have the money to do that?

I already pay 650$ in rent to you all, I expect the wifi to work more than 25% of the time for the amount I pay AND especially since this is A STUDENT HOUSING community. Get it together Regency, this is super disappointing and I definitely will not be coming back next year.

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Regency Student Housing - Wi-fi Facility Review from Denver, Colorado

The number of devices connected to the wireless network during peak times has dramatically increased over the last few years. In order to address this situation we have recently increased our bandwidth and added new wireless routers in order to improve wireless signals. We appreciate feedback about the network; it helps us improve the wireless infrastructure. Our hardwired internet runs much faster than the wireless because of the number of devices connected to the wireless network. So if possible you will receive faster Internet speeds if you are able to connect via Ethernet. If you are experiencing what you believe to be slower than normal Internet, please feel free to put in a maintenance request via the online student portal.

Our IT professional has been contacted to check on the wireless Internet in this room and area of the building.

The Regency has always had a policy where we will supply the ink for the computer lab and not the paper. This is due to the high amount of printing that students do and the cost associated with it. We do regularly check the computer lab to make sure the ink is stocked, and if it is not, we have backup ink on hand at all times.

If the computer lab is not stocked with ink or you are experiencing issues with the computer or printers in the computer lab, please see our Director of Student Life in the glass office on the first floor of The Regency. If it is not during business hours, you can reach him at studentlife@regencystudenthousing.com.

In the future the best way to let us know about these type of issues is to put in a maintenance request via the online student portal.

Thank you,
Regency Management
Regency Student Housing Wi-fi Facility

This is my second year at the Regency, and overall it has been great. My one major complaint that doesn't seem to be addressed each year, is the wifi.

I have been in the tower, and in the North Hall and both areas are equally as spotty and dysfunctional. Most, if not all of my school work requires some aspect if the internet. It has impacted my school work and grades tremendously. This is a living complex for students; there should be consistent wifi throughout the building.

Extremely frustrating! Another minor complaint would be that no one seems to attend to the computer and printer needs...ever. There is never paper in the printers, so was then forced to buy my own paper. The third time I went in there, there was no ink.

How are students supposed to get anything done here? However, besides those complaints, I find everything else to be up to par.

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