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Regency Student Housing - Awful wifi connection

The wifi in the North hall is awful, It says I am connected but doesnt load anything. My laptop needed to be loaded again every 15 minutes on netflix to load things and I am worried about how I will do schoolwork with this wifi.

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Bad quality
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Regency Student Housing in Denver, Colorado - Negative 5 stars. DO NOT LIVE HERE.

Here's my rundown of The Regency - I've been here for a year and a half

1) Attempted carjacking in "secure" parking lot, had to replace the steering column. The Regency couldn't even bother to give me a COURTESY EMAIL after reviewing (useless) security footage. The cop who helped me out was great, very professional. There are some police buildings a couple blocks away - it's a matter of WHEN, not IF you'll be calling them.

2) License plate stolen. After the first incident, I thought they might figure out some customer service. No.

3) Screaming, unhinged next door neighbor who management refused to do anything about

4) Hot water off for two days straight. Lazy status updates.

5) Washing machines and dryers break down weekly, at the least.

6) Eye-rolling, passive-aggressive, unfriendly desk staff, except for a few good apples.

7) Questionable driving from one bus driver. I'll be walking from now on.

8) Food's so bad you're better off eating frozen TV dinners from walmart.

9) Meal plan payment fiasco when I first moved in, handled poorly by everyone involved.

10) Overall, The Regency excels at incompetence in every way. I'm only still here because I secured 775 a month for a studio apartment. They're jacking it up every semester so now the price isn't even a benefit.

Counting the seconds until I'm out of this hellhole.

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Bad quality
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Let the company propose a solution
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Regency Student Housing - Activities & Neighboors

There are a couple things that could be improved at the regency. I pay money to live here to enjoy the college life like everyone else.

First of all, the events they advertise during the week are usually fulfilled with something else. Tuesday nights are bowling and I look forward to getting out of my room, but unfortunately bowling no longer exists because they do meetings on Tuesday's night. I was very emotional upset when I was told this. As a college student I pay to get away from my parents and let loose.

However my neighbors complained on me multiple times around 9 o'clock when the curfew is 11. I actually ran into the other roommate tonight and had a hear to heart with her. She told us multiple stories where her roommate has crossed the line. She told us she wants her to leave and I think that's only far.

Her roommate has harassed her and done outrageous things like putting tap down the middle of her room. I am at witness for her as well


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cool site

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Free bus to campus, Room size, Rail
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Misleading and unhelpful, Management, Bus schedule is inaccurate, Atrium, Managment
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roomates and activites
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Let the company propose a solution
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Regency Student Housing - My daughter had a good experience here!

Thank you for the positive remarks, we love to hear that our staffs hard work is resulting in the residents receiving a positive experience. If you or your daughter have any questions or future needs please continue to contact our staff.

We read a lot of reviews AFTER we had signed a lease. I was very worried about sending my daughter to live here, BUT our experience here was very good.

We photographed and documented any damage to her room upon move in. The move in process was very welcoming and organized. All emails to staff were promptly answered. She had no trouble with the payment portal to pay her rent.

We arranged for a walk through upon move out, and her entire secutity deposit was returned. All in all a great experience!

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Regency Student Housing - Decent experience


Thank you for taking time to review the Regency. We take the reviews seriously and use the information provided to help improve our customer experience. We are pleased that you have had a positive experience and wish you the best in completing your higher education goals.

Regency Management

I've been here for more than a year, and I've had a decent experience. There have been alot of good changes in the past year alone with the staff, the amenities, and the events that the RA staff runs.

It's a convenient place to live, the price is fair for what it offers this far close to downtown. The building is a bit retro in it's interior, but there is alot of lounging space around the tower region. The RA staff has been very friendly and helpful, so I have no complaints in their customer service at all. The Wifi could be better, however as long as you have an ethernet chord for your computer the internet runs at a good speed for entertainment and work.

Food has dramatically improved in the last 3 months, and the variety of options are good.

The Rail has good friendly staff and a good selection of goods. Ivan and Sage have also been really helpful whenever I have any questions or issues, and they seem to be able to handle them quite professionally.

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Good customer service
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Regency Student Housing - Horrible Management!

Hi Zach! I can understand that you are frustrated and given the conversations you had with two of our managers, the information you supplied is simply not fact based.

As discussed with you on more than one occasion, your renewal contract was denied due to behavioral patterns at our community. Management discussed that returning to the community is not allowed for anyone in these circumstances and given we have recent video surveillance with you involved in further community violations we are confident the right decision was made.

If you have questions please contact us directly at We truly do wish you the best moving forward.

Regency Management

I've never got in trouble, never got noise complaints, or even a warning in my time living there. In early August, I wanted to go resign my lease and i emailed David(The Manager) letting him know that I wanted to resign.

with no warning what so ever, he denied me from resigning my lease. This was less than 3 weeks before I had to resign and it left me in a position where I could of been homeless.

I asked why I couldn't resign my lease and gave me no reason at all. This felt very discriminating and unfair too me as a student that attended school, that didn't get in trouble, and that minded his business.

I didn’t like
Reason of review
Issues with the Manager David
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
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Regency Student Housing - Customer Care Review

We can understand your frustration given the nature of your concerns. As the member of the Management Team that has most recently communicated with you, I am happy to hear that we have found a positive resolution once we were able to speak.

This truly was a unique situation based on how the Renewal Contract was completed and that communication did not take place until 60 days after the signature. Although David did provide the accurate cancellation amount according to our Lease Contract and business policies, I am confident that after you and I speaking about the details further that the re-let cancellation option is better suited your situation.

Relating to the parking aspect of your concerns, the $275 you are referencing is paid to a 3rd party towing company and does not result in us profiting in anyway. We have taken extra steps in the vehicle registration form to outline that the parking pass is the sole way to identify that a student is in fact a resident and that the registry is not used by the outside towing company. As we have only a few towing concerns each year we have found that this is a positive solution for the majority of our residents and we are happy to consider alternative solutions in the coming years. After discussing your concerns further, I am pleased to say that we have taken a new approach to the towing procedures that will begin in Fall of 2017 as a response to your unique situation. Although it is not the majority of the circumstances our team felt an updated procedure would benefit our future residents.

As a community that renews at nearly twice the number of students as our competitors, I truly feel this negative experience is not common and I am happy to know after our discussions that we were able to find a mutual understanding relating to your concerns.

As always, please contact me if you have any further questions!

Unbelievably horrible! For a facility that touts itself as student housing, they have no heart for student nor parent.

My son has had his car towed twice, once because the sticker had fallen off and then again the very day we had the windshield repaired and the forgot to put the sticker back on. They have their own lot on site and the cars are registered with the complex but still they charge an exorbitant fee of $275 for towing- there is no talking to anyone, nor do they answer their phones. However, this is not the best part. I inadvertently signed a lease, six months out for next year.

My son will not be attending there. When I tried to cancel 4 months out, which is when I got the first confirmation that I had signed the wrong lease, David Krandel, assistant leasing manager, informed me it would cost $2430 to cancel it!! I have begged repeatedly for him to reduce the exorbitant cost- he is unreachable by phone and although he kept insisting he would negotiate, it has been a joke. Many emails later, he finally gave me a negotiated bottom offer- over $1200 for a room he has four months to rent.

So, don't make a mistake!

The mistake would be putting your child in this facility in the first place. It has been a terrible experience for my son, I can't even go into all the reasons why- The bottom line is he hates it, and they have been awful from beginning to end- maintenance, move-in move out and any assistance with problems – no customer service and no one ever answers the phones and if they do they tell you whomever you're asking for is unavailable.

Reason of review
Problems with payment
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Resolved: Regency Student Housing - Get it together Regency

Hello Chandler,
Thank you for letting us know about the issues you are experiencing with your WiFi. Our staff installed a new wireless router that has been tested and you should no longer be having a problem connecting to the internet. In the future you will get a faster response using the Maintenance Request form through your student portal. The Maintenance Requests are emailed to staff in real time.
If you have any further issues please let us know.
Thank you,
Regency Management

I am just absolutely so annoyed with the Regency right now. Does the Regency just not believe in wifi?

I have a single, in the North Hall and have been here since August. I had a friend who lived in the tower last year, and had a terrible time with the wifi as well. I spent my first semester having to keep my phone off while I used my computer or my tv because if too many devices were on, the wifi would drop. I could be just be trying to do my homework, which normally would take about 2-3 hours that turned into multiple HOURS of trying to get the wifi to connect.

Most of my school work is online, and there were many times where I would submit my work, and end up with zero's from my professors because the wifi would drop every time I tried to submit a paper or even just a simple assignment. I cant even watch my tv at night because there is NO CONNECTION EVER. It is really really frustrating being in college, in the dorms and you cant even live normally. I am aware that there are many other students besides me, which can make the connection slower, but there is no excuse when I have to spend hours more than I need out of my day to deal with this.

I submitted a review in the middle of the semester with my number attached and received a call from Wayne at the front, stating that they had just updated the wifi around the Regency; which made zero sense to me because I continued to have issues. He THEN thought it would be appropriate to tell me that I should go out and buy my own router. I actually thought he was kidding. Do you think as a college student, I would have the money to do that?

I already pay 650$ in rent to you all, I expect the wifi to work more than 25% of the time for the amount I pay AND especially since this is A STUDENT HOUSING community. Get it together Regency, this is super disappointing and I definitely will not be coming back next year.

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Rates, Bus, Space
I didn’t like
Wifi, Staff
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Let the company propose a solution
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Regency Student Housing - Wi-fi Facility Review from Denver, Colorado

The number of devices connected to the wireless network during peak times has dramatically increased over the last few years. In order to address this situation we have recently increased our bandwidth and added new wireless routers in order to improve wireless signals. We appreciate feedback about the network; it helps us improve the wireless infrastructure. Our hardwired internet runs much faster than the wireless because of the number of devices connected to the wireless network. So if possible you will receive faster Internet speeds if you are able to connect via Ethernet. If you are experiencing what you believe to be slower than normal Internet, please feel free to put in a maintenance request via the online student portal.

Our IT professional has been contacted to check on the wireless Internet in this room and area of the building.

The Regency has always had a policy where we will supply the ink for the computer lab and not the paper. This is due to the high amount of printing that students do and the cost associated with it. We do regularly check the computer lab to make sure the ink is stocked, and if it is not, we have backup ink on hand at all times.

If the computer lab is not stocked with ink or you are experiencing issues with the computer or printers in the computer lab, please see our Director of Student Life in the glass office on the first floor of The Regency. If it is not during business hours, you can reach him at

In the future the best way to let us know about these type of issues is to put in a maintenance request via the online student portal.

Thank you,
Regency Management

This is my second year at the Regency, and overall it has been great. My one major complaint that doesn't seem to be addressed each year, is the wifi.

I have been in the tower, and in the North Hall and both areas are equally as spotty and dysfunctional. Most, if not all of my school work requires some aspect if the internet. It has impacted my school work and grades tremendously. This is a living complex for students; there should be consistent wifi throughout the building.

Extremely frustrating! Another minor complaint would be that no one seems to attend to the computer and printer needs...ever. There is never paper in the printers, so was then forced to buy my own paper. The third time I went in there, there was no ink.

How are students supposed to get anything done here? However, besides those complaints, I find everything else to be up to par.

Reason of review
Bad quality
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Regency Student Housing - Great Dorm Life

This is by far the best 'dorm life' I have had in all of my college experience. It doesn't feel like a dorm, its like my own apartment.

Aside from meeting a lot of new people in the great weight room and basketball court I get to use, the food doesn't suck like every other other student housing I have lived in. There is always a variety of food in the atrium (cafeteria) and its nice having a convenience store right in my living place.

The staff is friendly and available when you need them and the management is helpful as well. Aside from all the amenities I love my room, its a great size and I have lots of extra space, making more comfortable.

If this is a housing place you are considering, I highly recommend it, it is the best experience I have had in student housing.

Reason of review
Good quality
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Contact Regency Student Housing Customer Service

Mailing Address:
The Regency: Student Housing Community, LLC
3900 Elati Street
Denver, CO 80216
All Regency Student Housing Contacts

Regency Student Housing - Enjoyable Student Living

Definitely the best student housing available in Denver. Lots of options make it easy to find something that works, and the staff is always available to help with any issues that can arise. One of the best parts is that the parking is free and they have a shuttle to campus.

I have lived here for just short of two years, and have had no issues with anything. The food in the kitchen is great, but the villas option allows you to also have your own kitchen if you want to cook your won meals instead.

While almost everyone who goes to college will eventually want to have their own place, when starting out the Regency is a great place to meet people, and attend classes conveniently on the shuttle, without paying an exorbitant amount.

Reason of review
Good customer service
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