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Update by user May 27, 2011

Just an update that I tried to work out a solution or compromise for these unethical charges (and I would argue that they might even be illegal if tested in court), but it fell on deaf ears. I would avoid this place like the plague. Let\'s just hope that \"what goes around comes around\" for these *** artists.

Original review posted by user Apr 26, 2011

I'd avoid this place if you have a choice. It is overpriced and is often loud with roudy kids partying to hours of the night. It is also right off the main interstate that goes north and south through Denver.

When checking out of your room a resident assistant was present for check out and even though they ok'd the room, management later came back with a $70 charge for some very petty stuff (like touch-up paint and supposedly some cleaning) and charged for it. When I called to dispute the bill, the corporate answer was that the residents had a choice to have management or maint. there when checking out which at the time was like pulling teeth. I'd just avoid the place and go to a competitor.

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They are still having the same types of issues in 2015!!

I'm ready to take a ride to Denver to go in front of the court, hoping it will make a difference!!!

Denver, Colorado, United States #729868

Horrible!!! Do not stay at this place! My daughter lived there from 2009 to 2010 and she paid everything up front with her financial aid money. They are now coming to her in 2013 and stated that she owes them $3900 for unpaid rent, meal plan, and other charges! We now have a court date on December 2, 2013 in Denver County! If anyone would like to testify that this place screwed them over let me know!

I would like to file a class action lawsuit against them! Cotnact me at

My daughter's dorm faced I25 and her window's were shot out and other tennants windows were shot out and they did not replace the windows for several months! It was winter and freezing in my daughter's room!

Please contact me to file a class action suit against these crooks!

to Foccus4 Vernon Hills, Illinois, United States #749839

I am all in for a class action lawsuit. This place is unethical, doesn't respond to issues and won't even let kids out of the lease with a medical report and doctor's letter.

I have tried to get a response and they continue to blow me off. There is so much illegal and underage alcohol and drug consumption there it's scary. I experienced it first hand with kids exhaling in my face when I walked into the vestibule of the property.

I have asked for a buyout of the lease and they won't even return my emails or calls. Cannot believe they now have an athletic facility named after them.


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