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OMG,I'm so HAPPY my lease was up last month and THANK GOD I'm free from that *** HOLE... Please, please take it from me DON'T LEASE from The Regency or should I say DON'T lease from THE WORSE WHAT THEY THINK IS a STUDENT housing place to live.


Oh ya, 1 more thing the people who work at The Regency are the ones who are writing the good reviews!!! One of the student workers told me they were told they had to give a positive review!!!


The people who run the place i think are all in college!! Or they act like they are.

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FIRST OF ALL, THE GOOD REVIEWS, WERE WRITTEN BY STAFF. i know for a fact that the regency management forced staff to write good reviews to off set the bad reviews.

I lived here for a full year from july 2011-july 2012, I was not staff. The place itself is a run down old crappy hotel that was remodled in the areas that people of on the tours. If you really got to look around, you would be horrified at what you see. I know in a stairwell, the concrete ceiling is being held in place by a doorstop, the video of it is on youtube.

Where too start... lol food: is awful, is good for the first month, but after that the "main course" becomes salads and other worthlessness and I lived off chicken nuggets and pasta. The cafeteria (atrium) closes as soon as school lets out, so your stuck with your mini fridge and microwave with only a bathroom sink for dishes. The rooms are tiny and mine had mold.

the views are awful unless your in the tower. mine was i-25 then i moved rooms and the view became a warehouse. the walls and windows are paper thin so you constantly hear i-25, people having regular conversations and loud sex lol. the staff will fine you for ANYTHING possible.

we were given a warning to shut down a get together we were having in a 11pm...a hour before quiet hours...before we would all be fined. no alcohol or drugs were at the party. the halls either smell like ***, or puke (once puke was in a main corridor for 4 days before being cleaned. the area around the reg is complete *** and fairly unsafe.

id say 90% of staff hate working there with a few exceptions (the ones that like it, all seem to be the management tattletales and errand boys/girls, weird huh?). The price is also redic, for 600$ a month you can get a nice apartment with a full kitchen.

Paying 9$ a mean for usually chicken nuggets or cereal is terrible. I'd never ever recommend it here.


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