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Thank you for brining this to our attention, it is unfortuante that you were not happy with your stay at the Regency. We are student housing so our units do not have kitchens or the room amenities of a hotel. Had you let us know of your specific needs prior to your lease signing we could have pointed you in the direction of a facility that would have better met your needs. If we can be of any help in the future please contact us directly.

The Regency Student Housing

Denver, Colorado

My name is Cody Parker. I am an undergraduate from the University of Tennessee. I recently spent the summer doing an internship in Denver, Colorado. Because of the distance that was between Tennessee and Colorado I had to have a place to live before I got there. The only place to offer a three-month lease was The Regency Student housing. Upon arrival I was placed on the bottom floor where the only view I had was a dumpster and a warehouse, not to mention there was an entire tower with empty rooms that had a great view of downtown Denver. The Regency also makes you pay all of your lease agreement upfront if you are living there for the summer, but they still charge you for a $175 credit check. It's not feasible to require somebody to pay for a credit check when you are paying them upfront. My room was consistent with living in a box with nothing but a bed, a desk, and a dresser, yet I was charged $2300. There was nowhere to cook or store food and I had to pay extra to do my laundry. Probably the most interesting part of living there is the drug problem that exists. This "student housing" complex is constantly filled with individuals who do not resemble that of a student at all. The hallways always have a distinct essence of marijuana. I witnessed people smoking it outside on the patio and in the halls while management did nothing to prevent it. This is illegal for non- prescription individuals and on top of that it is illegal for prescription holders to distribute what is prescribed to them. It also creates an unsafe environment for those not involved in the drugs. The Regency has a very strict and confusing move out policy. They will charge you large amounts of money to "clean" your dorm if you leave it "dirty." I was charged for a bathroom cleaning fee and a "stain" on my mattress. The stain wasn't there when I left, but it appeared suddenly and they now have an alleged picture of it. I cleaned the place myself and they charged me a total of $70 after I had left. I asked if an associate could check my room so I wouldn't get charged, but they are not "trained" to tell me that. I once asked if I could borrow a plunger and was rudely told that it was not their responsibility to provide me with cleaning supplies. I have been taken advantage of in more than one way. I feel that this is large in part of the fact that I am not in Denver to defend myself. The Regency in general is a scam and will take advantage of any young college student that they can.

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Beware beware beware...this place will suck everything you have. We thought we're done with this nightmare after my son checked out from his room, we're wrong.

This nightmare still hunting us. We are still getting bills from that place.

Parents, go somewhere else. Stay away from this place.


I have a daughter that has lived in the Regency for two years now while attending college in downtown Denver. I am very pleased with the safe environment that the Regency provides to college students.

I also like that she doesn't have to try driving in Denver because they have a shuttle bus she can ride to school. The Regency is a great place for college students i highly recommend it to others.



I'd avoid this place if you have a choice. It is often loud with roudy kids into all hours.

When you check out of your room make sure that you ask for a manager or one of their maintenance people. Don't just settle for a resident assistant to check the room out because what happens is they will find some petty stuff wrong and then charge you for it.


Everything Cody says is true. I have a daughter living at Regency now and we are experiencing it first hand.

This place is not where you want your kids to live. If you are thinking about sending your kids here, take advice from a Mom, go elsewhere. The people running this housing facility don't care about you or your child. They just want your money.

My daughter tells the sames stories about the wierd kids, drugs, hallways, etc.. She comes home every weekend. Unfortunately we signed a 12 month lease.

Ugh!! We have been bombarded with hidden fees and we haven't even tried moved yet!!


You are absolutely right! These people are taking advantage of you because you are a college student AND you are no longer in Colorado where you can face these idiots.

I live in a college town (actually a rival of UT but that doesn't matter right now). I know for a fact that apartment companies here don't give a rip about these kids and it is so unfair.

Hopefully your post will help out another student in the future. I hate that you had to go through this.


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