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Thank you for taking the time to comment. All lease charges are covered in the lease you signed and tenants are encouraged to read the lease prior to signing and have an attorney review as well. If we can be of any assistance or you would like to discuss this further please contact us directly.

This apartment complex is a literal *** hole. The only reason I had decided to stay here for my second year of college is because I was a broke college student and they had the cheapest rent. I wish I would've gone back to campus village or the lofts. There has been one reported shooting, possibly two shootings since I have lived here for a semester. They require a meal plan that is a ton of money. The cheapest one is about $1,000.00. Rent for a one small bedroom is $650.00, which isn't bad, but they add up random and probably illegal charges all the time. For example, they have charged me twice for losing a key, but the third time I was told that they aren't supposed to charge me for losing a key and getting a new one and then gave it to me for free. Then the next month, another charge for a key was on my account when I hadn't even lost another key! Also, recently when I had paid for the meal plan, I wasn't able to use it for an entire week because "I wasn't in their system", and they had to re add me. I had already been living there and paying rent for an entire semester!

Also, the lease clearly states that they must have security. After the first shooting had occurred, the students found out that most of the security cameras didn't even work, and my roommate said she saw one security guard for one day. We haven't seen anything since.

The RA's last semester all quit after a few months because they said they were treated so poorly by management. They weren't allowed to do homework during their nightshifts after they were already told they could, and they never got time off either.

This place is the worst possible idea for a college student, or anyone for that matter. I would suggest going to the Auraria lofts. Do not go to campus village either if you can help it. Campus Village ripped my entire class of 2018 off when we were freshman because they were illegally charging us $1094.00

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Either close this place down to get new management..

I liked: Free bus to campus.

I didn't like: Misleading and unhelpful, Rude staff, Policies.

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